WorkFlowy – See this Easy, Excellent Task Management App!

We discovered WorkFlowy for managing tasks and keeping notes in 2016. It is free to use on a monthly basis, and has in app upgrades if you need more.  You can get upgrades either by paying $$$ or by referring friends to use the service. Its super fast and easy to get started.  Helped us quickly eliminate all those open browser tabs and keep good notes as to why the tabs were important to begin with!

It works as a Web application or as an app for your smart phone. The app is free to download and the web application is free to get started with this referral you even get extra usage right away (referral link -> WorkFlowy ) Check out the 44 second video first!

WorkFlowy Tips we found Useful!

Soon after I started using WorkFlowy (and I had seen the video so this was a repeat or a reminder) I received this great little email explaining again how to get started. This is exactly what I did and it made a big difference in using this tool to good advantage!

Hi there, new WorkFlowy user!

Mike and Jesse, creators of WorkFlowy, here. WorkFlowy is a super-powerful tool that’s going to clear your mind, hone your focus, increase your productivity, and bring everlasting world peace. (We’ll get back to you on the last one.)

What should you be using WorkFlowy for?

WorkFlowy is a single sheet of paper to hold your whole brain. The idea: put EVERYTHING you want to keep track of into it. Notes about your trip to Tahiti, stuff you need to get done in the next week, a list of your favorite Transylvanian romance novels, your Ph.D. thesis outline – they’re all fair game.

If you haven’t already, might we suggest you get started? Do it right now, before you forget.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to
  2. Create top-level items called ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’.
  3. Click the bullet point next to ‘Personal’ to zoom in.
    • Create a ‘Chores’ item. List under it everything you need to do in the next week.
    • Create a ‘Goals’ item. List under it everything you want to get done in the next month and year.
  4. Zoom out and start on the ‘Work’ section.

This should be enough to get you started. WorkFlowy is free-form and you can use it however you like.

We’ll be getting back to you with more info on WorkFlowy’s features. For now, check out the ‘Help’ popup to learn more. And don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with questions.

Rock on,
Mike and Jesse

From an early blog article on using hashtags with WorkFlowy

You can now add #tags and @tags to your WorkFlowy document. This makes organizing things much easier, especially when your WorkFlowy document starts to get large. Type “#” before any word, like “#loveit” and then when you click on that tag, it will display only items containing that tag. Click the tag again, and it’ll remove the search.Want some suggestions on how to use tags? Here you go:

  • When will you do stuff? Use #now for stuff you want to do today, and #soon for stuff you want to do in the next week or so.
  • Who’s doing what? Use @Name tags to keep track of who’s doing what.
  • What’s the priority? Use #important for things that will make a big difference and #urgent for stuff that’s time sensitive.
  • How long will this take? Use #small, #medium and #large to keep track of the size of the things you’re working on.