I’m still working to transform the rest of the Softduit website.  Plans and templates are pretty much wrapped up at this point.  Now, I need to convert the existing text on the site into the new system and weed out the text that is outdate or no longer applies.

There’s a lot of good information on the site, but there is some information that is now a bit dated from the days when Softduit focused on selling software and providing direct Business Development services.

The software sales business could not continue when we could no longer offer the best buy on software with MindManager products.  We were priced out of that market.  Fortunately, in the Business Development area we evolved very quickly and specialized in a number of areas that rapidly filled the void.

It was fun working with MindManager as a trainer when development was still speeding along with the product, but as its evolution has slowed down, the need for training on the products seems to have decreased.