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How to convert Multi part blog articles to long form SEO magnets

We walk through with author and blogger Craig Phillips (video included) how to convert multiple part blog articles, separate posts, into a long single blog article that is an SEO magnet of long form content AND still clickable within the article.

3 Lessons on decision-making from a poker champion

Putting Numbers in your WordPress decisions

Small business growing to become large businesses benefit from using numbers and data from their website, an arm of their company, making decisions based on facts not gut instinct

Downloading or Updating Software and Drivers for HP Computers

In case you have any questions regarding Bluetooth drivers download and update for Windows 10, please make certain you comment below to find assist. Run the installer, and once the installation...

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Super Easy WordPress Tools For Restaurants!

Need some great tools to make building a Restaurant website with WordPress and Divi Themes, easy.  There are three things to focus on in this article:

OpenTable Plugin
Creating Food Menu pages that look awesome & include categories like Gluten Free, Range Free Chickens and more
Conversion Tracking (for OpenTable) and other things on a site

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