After futzing around trying to make this work for the better part of a year, I finally figured out the magic formula of wire splitters necessary to record both my voice and the voice of another skype caller such that I can capture an interview on my portable MP3 player, a Sony that I also use for voice transcription.

As it turns out, I can actually route both my voice and my caller(s)’ voice(s) through my voice recorder, and then out the head phone jack, I can send both of our voices to my microphone input on my computer so that the caller can hear me too!

I put together this video to show what I figured out. The video is probably about as clear as mud, even though this condensed version is much more understandable than the conversation I had with some poor Radio Shack sales person that sold headset microphones, computers, splitters and more, but had never heard of skype, and this guy was at least 10 years younger than me.

For the record, I have tried multiple software solutions that are supposed to record skype conversations, but they all seem to either be creations of bankrupt companies, they just don’t work, or they work, but they screw up skype. That latter mention relates to my attempts to use the software called Pamela for skype, which seemed to record just fine, but completely broke my skype voice mail.

This may look a little convoluted with $6 Radio Shack wire accessories going every which way like a super models to diet pills but it does get the job done.

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