I’ve been working with Windows Live Writer today and I really like what I see!

I’ve previously been writing a number of blog articles with Performancing 1.3. Performancing has been having some difficulties connecting to blogger since about August, and I thought I’d try Windows Live Writer today.

I had a misconception about Windows Live Writers. I originally thought that it would only work with Microsoft’s own blog sites, but I read up on it finally today and realized that it supports multiple blogging formats. It uses a system where it reads the template of a blog, such that when an author composes an article they can see the result in a format very similar to what it will look like when its ultimate published.

So all in all, I’ve written about 3 articles and I’m impressed. I could not setup all of my blogger blogs at once, however, I can set them up as additional blogs one at a time. I accidentally published an article to the wrong blog on purpose, and was pleasantly surprised when I published the same article again to the correct blog. Then I manually logged into blogger and deleted the incorrect posting.

I also loaded up a Tag tool that allows me to insert tags rapidly with Live Writer. Performancing’s tool probably worked easier. However, Live Writer offers more services from Technorati to Del.icio.us to Flickr, Buzznet, LiveJournal and a few more. Plus I can insert tags for more than one service per article.

The picture loading support works very well. All in all, I like what I get out of the package!

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