AMD has requested a subpoena Microsoft to support AMD’s anti-trust lawsuit against Intel.

(see Kristen Kennedy’s article AMD subpoenas Microsoft in Intel Antitrust Case)
“Specifically, the subpoena requests documents reflecting the following:
Microsoft’s decision to develop software for AMD’s 64-bit CPUs, and the timing and schedule for development of that software.
Microsoft’s discussions concerning desktop, development and implementation of standards, specification protocol or software for secure input interfaces, and AMD or Intel’s inclusion in such discussions. An AMD spokesman said this issue largely refers to the Trusted Computing initiatives that have been worked on by Intel and Microsoft.
Discussions pertaining to actual or perceived collaboration or support of AMD’s advertising and promotion, AMD processors, support of AMD product launches, and Intel’s reaction to that support.
Discussions internally and with third parties concerning AMD’s financing, valuation or financial viability.
Discussions and reports comparing Intel and AMD products from a price, quality and performance standpoint.”

Bill Gates expressed how he used Share Point to find information in his corporation these days. Therefore, we should probably expect an press push by Microsoft as it touts a cost saving example by using its own server to track down the subpoena information. It was just a few years ago when Larry Ellis of Oracle proclaimed that his company had saved $1b by installing Oracle.
So how much will bill save in legal fees and research using Sharepoint?

Many companies spend a large fortune attempting to track information so that they can document for legal proceedings Sorbanes Oxley requirements, SEC requirements, Accounting documentation and tax returns.

Can Microsoft turn this into a an advertising play?