Last week Dell voluntarily recalled over 4 million notebook batteries. It was a voluntary recall however the recall did not occur until after Dell suffered much bad publicity from an internet video showing a Dell computer catching on fire.

The video was then followed by much video ridicule as well.

The batteries were made by Sony, and Sony is paying for the cost of the consumer recall.

So a week later Apple realizing that it has Sony batteries in its laptops also, decides to recall 1.8 million notebook batteries (1.1 million in the US and 700k abroad).

So Dell started a voluntary recall, when they were forced to start after receiving bad press.  Questions that have still not been answered, include:

Why did Apple wait a week to initiate their recall of the same type of batteries?
What other computer or device manufacturers purchased these defective Sony batteries?
and What is Sony doing to speed up the process of the recall?

Websites for recall information


Apple Note. The website was down as of the writing of this article, however this could be due to a server crash. So we are providing the address in case the server comes back up or volume decreases.

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Written by: Brett Bumeter, llm