Parked Domain Revenue Options

Update – If you regularly purchase hundreds or even thousands of domains for other business reasons, this can be a viable way to decrease your costs.  This is not typically going to be a big money maker for people starting out new in the Domaining business.  Furthermore, you can probably earn more for your buck spending a few minutes setting up a domain name into a site and publishing and article or two and then letting it ride.

Got a Great Idea for a Blog or Website?

Register the Domain and Get Paid to Park it until you are ready to develop the site!

DomainHop – Domain Parking!

  1. Next to Adsense is probably the 2nd easiest way to start earning money
  2. Register a website and start making money
  3. Cost $3 for first year earnings can be up to $20-30 per month
  4. You do Nothing After Setup!
  5. Unfamiliar with Domain Parking? See What it looks Like

Gold Key- Domain Parking!