I have a problem.  I have too much software.  I’m not talking about downloading too many freeware or shareware programs from download.com.  I’m talking about old boxes of software taking up too much space in my house.  Over the last 15 years or so I’ve collect a lot of software.  And I am a pack rat.

That’s a dangerous combination, it is resulted in a collection of many boxes of old software that I can’t use of a wanted to.  I’ve gotten many tab for Windows 95, and Visual Basic for Windows 98.  I’ll have a machine though run either of those programs, and I don’t even have a disk drive that will take the discs that came with it.  (I do have an old Acer laptop that runs on beta a version of Windows 95, but it’s 16 MB of RAM just won’t cut it for the program)

Now I’m a light shade of green myself, and this trait combined with my packrat-ism prevents me from throwing the box is a software in the garbage.  I also find eBay to be a bit of a pain in the neck and no one that attends my garage sales are interested in the old software either.

I’d like to recycle all that garbage but there’s nowhere to put it.  So probably end up having to bury it in a landfill, and my grandchildren’s grandchildren will probably have to figure out a way to save the planet from my excesses.  It’s unfortunate that when I bought that software could purchase some sort of software Funeral Insurance, something to take the software and the moral obligation off my shoulders.

Some things just weren’t meant to be . . .