There is an area with the Pre out of the box where it is relatively lacking.  Its not the video recording capability, well actually it is that, but even more urgent is the abysmal lack of ringtones.  The list of ringtones that come pre-installed on the Pre are about as short and boring as the ringtones that came with my first Treo years and years ago.

I’ve had my Pre for a little over a week (actually my 2nd Pre for about 4-5 days, my 1st Pre before that was acquired over a week ago).  Anyway due to the failure of the first Pre, I was a little delayed in customizing my second Pre for fear it might die too.

So I have been putting up with quiet boring ringtones for a week now.  I no longer work in the corporate world and so I can use what ever ringtone I feel like these days without having to worry about making an embarrassing interruption during a marathon series of meetings.

So I did a quick search on how to make a Palm Ringtone and found this ever so useful video on YouTube

It is also supported by a written tutorial, which I did not need to use myself because the video was so damned good and I had some of the fundamental knowledge and experience already. 

It requires the download and installation of Audacity, which is a free audio editing program and a very good one at that.  I already have audacity and so the tutorial was very easy to follow and repeat with almost no difficulties.  🙂

So if you can’t stand your boring standard issue Palm Ringtones and are confused by the lack of places to download Palm Pre ringtones through the Palm marketplace, save yourself some money and just convert one of your MP3 songs into a ringtone!