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You may find yourself asking the question, “So What is a Maven?” as you attempt to break down the title of this Blog MavenMappers.

The definition as provided by Wikipedia offers a history and usage. For our purposes, I’ve taken the word Maven and applied it in the context of the book The Tipping Point (Little Brown, 2000) – Malcolm Gladwell describes a maven as a person that naturally and intensely gather information and are quick to pick up on new trends. The book also describes people known as connectors that in an essence gather connections with people. The third group is a charismatic group of ‘Salesmen’ that have the ability to influence others.

When functioning together, a maven can identify a trend, share it with a Connector, that will know the right people to exploit the trend and a Salesmen will be able to close the deal or sell the results of the trend on society.

Ergo the word Maven for this blog represents people that gather information.

I’ll save the description of Mappers for another post, however, it might already be somewhat apparent how this begins to fit in for Mavens. After all everyone needs the right tools to compliment their personality.
Malcolm Gladwell