Some users, like yours truly, will receive the message that their license key is not accepted

The MindManager license key you submitted was not accepted.


If you read the statement on invalid license keys, you will see the following:

Mindjet has recently contacted users of MindManager who have registered an invalid license key.

A valid Mindjet license key represents legal compliance and ensures quality product and support from Mindjet. In addition, with the release of MindManager Pro 7 Service Pack 2 in early 2008, Mindjet will be implementing a more secure software installation process requiring all customers to have a valid license key for authentication and product activation.

To ensure that you remain in legal compliance and to install future Service Packs and upgrades, you should obtain a valid license key. You can use your current key to purchase an upgrade on the Mindjet online store or from one of the many Mindjet authorized resellers listed on our website.

Unfortunately, a variety of sources illegally distribute or sell Mindjet license keys. We encourage you to provide any information that would help us identify the source of the invalid key above.

If you feel that you have purchased a license key from an authorized source and have received this email in error, please contact Mindjet Customer Service.

Mindjet Contact Details:

Contact Phone: +1 (415) 229-4200

If you try to call, you have to call between 8 am and 5 pm pst.  I’d offer up more information, but I tried calling 50 minutes late and will have to wait until tomorrow morning to determine how to solve this problem myself.  🙂

The “Re-enter your MindManager License Key” link does not work.

I tried that link several times and it does nothing.  I was able to use the back button and get back to the form entry section.  On my second attempt, I removed the dashes from the license key to see if that would help, but in my case, I had no luck.

For the record, I am using a press license of MindManager 7 issued to me by Mindjet directly in 2007.  It could be possible that the press license is not covered in the upgrade.  I left a voice mail with PR at Mindjet to inquire into this possibility and hope to find the answer out tomorrow.

I originally thought I might have some issues with my Mindjet account.  That worked like a charm this time, and I seem to have swapped it for a new little issue.  🙂