So Microsoft launched the Vista Coupon season a couple days ago.  It like every Microsoft OS campaign before it worked under the principle that if you buy a PC now, you get the upgrade to the new OS when it comes out at the beginning of the year.

Only problem is there are lots of complications.

There are multiple Vista editions rolling out and multiple existing XP editions.  Some of these ‘paths’ will entitle users to a free upgrade and some will require a nominal fee, but if you want to move from one path to another say XP Home ->Vista Home Basic ->Vista Business then all bets seem to be off.

Zdnet walks through this complexity rather clumsily, but to their defense Micrsoft has created a complex product structure and attempted to link that to a complex new product structure.  Bottom line if you can wait to buy a PC, maybe you should wait!  (BTW that’s exactly what Mossberg is advising too!)