I have been floundering around with the new direction of Maven Mapper’s Information the last couple months. We started to transition away from our blog on Blogger at http://mavenmapper.blogspot.com and then I received some feedback that made me pause. It turns out that our Blogger blog is valuable.

Who would of thought???

Well I have been planning to start a few other blogs to keep things focused and as I received some feedback about the value of the old Maven Mapper’s Information, I thought I would recycle it.

So here is where we are going . . .

This site will become Maven Mapper’s Information – The Light

It will focus on the technology and software that makes our lives better or easier.

The old site will become Maven Mapper’s Information – The Dark

It will focus on the technology that is failing or broken.

Both of these themes are derived from our Broken Technology Series and our Improving Technology Series.

In addition, I am launching two other websites that will compliment and assume some of the stories that are written here.

  • One of these is Top10Tech.com. Its primary purpose is to review technology related products and provide readers a means of voting on the products and the reviews. The reviews will not be entirely written by yours truly, but by bloggers and forum writers all over the web.
  • Separately, I will be launching CafeMicrosoft.com. The scope of this site is still under review, but in general it will cover Microsoft products and technology and useful ways to employ them.