In about 8 days (as I write this, it is July 30th if you are reading this on August 7th or later, Buy! Buy! Buy!  🙂  )  Nuance will release Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.  I just spoke with Nuance corporate offices.  They will not currently promise a free upgrade if you purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 today.  They will give you your money back within 30 days of purchase.


In theory you could buy Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 today, get your money back on August 7th, and buy Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 on the 7th.  That seems like a lot of hassle, but then again DNS fans like myself are almost as nutty as Apple iPhone fans.

Seriously, the wisest move is to wait until Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 comes out in just 8 days and make your purchase then.  If you are one of my readers, I would not want you to have to go through any red tape or hassle unless you just have to have it today.  In which case, I do understand!

I would have loved to see Nuance offer some type of download certificate or free upgrade promise to recent Version 9 buyers.  To my knowledge they have not done that yet. I’m hoping they come around on this, as it doesn’t make too much sense to hit the pause button on sales for a week. 

There are a number of great new features that will be available with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, which we will cover shortly.  I have not yet seen any releases on Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 upgrade prices for those of us that have been using version 8 or version 9 of Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Given the productivity increases that you can get with Dragon Naturally Speaking, the upgrade price will definitely be worth it, after all, who makes the decision to opt to run a slower program rather than run a faster program that increases accuracy too? 

Dragon Naturally Speaking Accuracy Boost over version 9

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 will be 20% more accurate than Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.  Plus words will appear on the screen much faster as you speak.

Faster Words Displayed on Screen with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

In the past the words would often times “catch up with your voice” but you did not always get the immediate feedback and gratification of seeing those words show up on the screen immediately.  That sometimes created situations for user error, where you might repeat yourself thinking that the program had missed something, when in fact it rarely missed anything.

  So in the meantime, get ready to buy. The deals will be all over online and you won’t need a GPS to find that obscure little store selling an outdate version at clearance prices. This new version is too important to miss.

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