Its only 6:30 pm on the East Coast and no one is making claims that the election has been stolen yet, however there are a few reports of technology failing in the voting system.

Voting Machines have run into problems in several states including New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania and maybe the most impacted thus far Indiana.

Problematic claims of poll workers that were unable to connect cables and delaying the voting a bit seem to be the most predominant. 

Indiana had a more serious situation taking place.  Their electronic voting systems were programmed with the wrong ballots, a minor thing as everyone knows that the ballots are a pretense anyway.  😉

Just kidding, the systems forced voters to stand in line for several hours as manual votes were taken as a backup.  An Indiana judge ordered that the polls in this Eastern state should remain open until 8:30 PM this evening in order to allow the Indiana electorate to get a complete 12 hour voting opportunity to vote.

There is definitely a great deal of opportunity for voting technologies to be improved significantly in the years to come.


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