I was going to get to the mindmanager seven

installation this weekend, but I ran into some video card issues.  I was also experiencing a Microsoft Windows XP not Vista but the older version issue on my laptop when it comes to upgrades, I’ve got the automatic upgrade or update that is not upgrade, option turned on on my computer and it was supposed to automatically install the junk e-mail update for Outlook.

For whatever crazy Microsoft reason the automatic update just wouldn’t install, it kept trying and trying and trying but would not work.  Eventually I found an article online that described the problem that several of the people were having as well and I followed the advice got it to work.


Then I went into SecondLife as I hadn’t been to SecondLife awhile and I needed to check on the couple recent news articles that I’d come across, but every time I went into SecondLife my system would lock up and crash.  I thought maybe I had a video card driver problem, so I attempted to check for updates on my graphics card in put in an update and tried it again and it crashed again.  Well that turned into about a six-hour endeavor and I lost the time that I had set aside for installing mindmanager seven, so now a couple days behind my updated schedule to put in mindmanager seven, of course days Monday and I’ve got other obligations today so I’m hoping to get to this install later this evening.

My computer is Vista ready and I’m just about ready to give up on XP and jump on the bandwagon dealing with the problems with Vista, Guillen thing holding me back is QuickBooks.  I’ve got QuickBooks 2006 and I don’t feel like upgrading to 2007.  2006 is incompatible with Vista.  🙁