Video Casting Tutorials

There are a number of video casting tutorial sources for improving your Audio Quality tips, but this particular video from TechSmith did a pretty good of capturing the essentials.

For the record I currently use Camatasia 5 and SnagIt 8.  I’ve been thinking about upgrading but haven’t done it quite yet. I use Audacity for audio, and work with a Rode Procaster Microphone with a USB adapter.

Here are some Tips for Setting up SnagIt Recorder so that you’ll be ready to work Efficiently and Effectively and still get great quality

Preparing to Create clear Screencasts (Mouse Pointers, Zooms and more with Camtasia)

How to Produce HD Video for YouTube with Camtasia 6

Now, is TechSmith’s own video sharing service.  It is a lot better quality because they don’t compress the video like YouTube does.  That said, there is a bigger audience at YouTube and YouTube is free.  If you want to produce HD video for YouTube, here’s a tutorial of the process as of 2/17/09 (thins are constantly evolving in this new area)

How to Create Advanced table of content Images/Icons in Camtasia 6


Some General Camtasia Recording Tips

  1. Talk with your hands when doing voice overs – move your hands around for emphasis while you are talking, because this will help you get into the role of putting emphasis into your words.
  2. Record full screen all the time – You can then zoom in and have lots of space to work with.  You also won’t miss any pop ups or drop down menus