If you own a projector portable or regular, you might wonder sometimes how you can use those expensive business tools on the weekend.  Traveling too much and too many meetings can sometimes keep you away from friends and family, and a projector can be a great way to bring people together on the weekend just like they attract people like mosquitoes to a light for meetings during the week.

I mean that mosquitoes to the light analogy in the nicest possible way.  🙂

Instead of spending $20 – $30 per person to get into a movie theater (not counting gas), you can have your friends and family over for an outdoor movie this summer.

Its relatively cheap and easy to setup with most of the things you might already have, if you have the key ingredient of a projector.

Here’s a few shots of our last party.  This was actually put together for my Son’s 8th birthday party.  We had lots of chairs and a few people brought some of their own.  (lots of soccer parents)



Rear view of screen. note the cargo net and the dark sheet behind the main screen sheet do not have to be perfect, they just help the white sheet to reflect the images from the projector as opposed to allowing the light to pass straight through the sheet.


What you will need for a Backyard Movie with a Projector

  • Very Large (bigger the better) white bed sheet (thread count doesn’t matter much)
  • Very large (same size as the white sheet) dark bed sheet (blue or black are best)
  • A come along ratchet or pull tie down strap set (possibly a couple of these.
  • Clothes pins(20- 40)
  • Clothes line or some other tip of rope thin enough for a clothespin to hold
  • Surround sound system
  • DVD Player
  • extension cords, and surge protectors
  • A Hand full of rugs (to be used to cover cords so people do not trip)
  • Some sort of candles, oil lamps, etc for light and for repelling bugs
  • bug spray
  • blankets
  • lots of chairs
  • A Movie
  • Bonus Items
    • A flexible cargo net (this is for helping to hold the sheet if the wind picks up
    • a ladder with a platform step on the top large enough to hold the dvd player and projector
    • popcorn
    • drinks of your choice (alcohol or not depending on your parties preferences or tastes.  We’re not talking a knock down drag out boozer of a party sending half the party to the klink or drug rehab after, but a beer or glass of wine while watching a movie under the moon and stars can be a nice touch. )