Sometimes when you have a ‘good’ program and it goes through a version update, you may not get the latest update each year because the current version is good enough.  For me that has been the case with OmniPage and with PaperPort, both products from Nuance.

OmniPage 16

I’ve been using PaperPort 9, that came with my amazing Brother Printer, copy machine, scanner and fax with a feeder tray.  Plus, I had a lite version of OmniPage that has served me very well over the years when I needed to convert a lot of paper text into something machine readable.

So these good programs are not my work horses.  I do not turn to them every day like some programs, but when I use them I use them heavily and they save me a lot of time and even more money.  For me an average single usage of OmniPage can easily cover the cost of the software.

PaperPort is similarly useful as it enables me to easily (very very very easily) manage a library of PDF documents, including bills and receipts and things that would have been kept in paper files without taking up all the space.  Plus, the information is at my finger tips when I need it!

Well to make a long story a little longer than short, today I’m finally upgrading my work horses.  Its been 2 versions with PaperPort and 3 or 4 with OmniPage.  🙂

There are two reasons why I’m making the move:

  1. The price is right (I’m getting PaperPort free with my purchase of OmniPage Pro (the big full version)
  2. OmniPage offers the ability for me to take a picture with my camera or even my phone, and have that image converted into a text document with their optical character reader.

That last point is the new functionality that I need.  When I have loose documents, OmniPage running with my normal scanner and the document feeder is awesome.  But when I have a page in a book, folder, or some other bound or abnormal item, or even an image on a White Board!, well then having the ability to take a picture and have it converted to text will definitely be worth the money of the upgrade, not to mention the major increases in accuracy that the program has gone through since my last purchase.

That money I save will not necessarily line my pockets are encourage me to go buy a new car or gold cufflinks or something, but every little bit will help me keep my prices low and competitive and that means more business for me over the long stretch.

OmniPage 16- Best OCR Software