The world has gone patent litigation happy.

Everyone has decided to litigate and counter litigate everyone. In case you lost track over the last week or two, here’s a quick run down. Please comment if I’ve missed any. I only went back about 1 week (Google News top 20 pages).
Updates(Added 6-28-06)
Palm v IBM SETTLED – Palm pays IBM $22.5m in patent suit that lasted 9 years
Xerox v Media Sciences
Supreme Court Reviewing a Gas Pedal patent Case – Potential Precedent Setting
Health Discovery v. Cyphergen Biosystems
Copart v. Manheim – settled
Finisar wins v. DirectTV – $78m
King of Thailand Granted Patent for Making Rain – its not a lawsuit yet . . . but does sound amusing!
Warner v Watson – Oral Contraceptive

Updates (Added after 6-20-06)

Verizon v. Vonage
Microsoft v. Amado – Ruling Against Microsoft – Patent technology that links spreadsheets and databases – Patent date 1994
USA Video Tech v. Charter & Cox – Video on Demand Patent
Netflix v. Blockbuster
Google (Earth) v. Skyline via Keyhole
C2 Communications v 7 Large Phone companies

Original List

Creative v. Apple (This is Patent)
Now Net2Phone v. Skype (aka Ebay)
NTP v BlackBerry
Visto v Blackberry (yes this is a new one)
Alien v Intermec (RFID fight)
Apple v. Apple (OK that was trademark)
Samsung v Cho Kwan-hyung – (Samsung is reported here to be in a position where it might lose)
Lazare v Photoscribe (not just silicon this one is over diamond etching)
Texas Patent Co v. Black and Decker (settled)
Nokia v. Qualcomm
Medtronic v. Boston Scientific
TiVo v Echostar
Amazon v Barnes Noble (the famous one-click patent now back up for grabs)
EBay v. MercExchange
Microsoft v Lucent Technologies
Olympus v Given Imaging
Motorola v RUS GPS (Russian firm suing Motorola over patents possibly covering Russian model cell phones) v Plaxo
And those are just the lawsuits in the news in Google News top 20 pages.

Let’s face it everyone is litigating everyone!