Maybe you have heard of Twitter.

Its part social network

Part Micro Blog

With Twitter Blocks its also one part three dimensional (two and a half) mind map.

twitter mapping in the Twittersphere

OK, so that is using the term mind mapping rather loosely.


Twitter Blocks enable you to visualize the Twitter movements of your friends or even people that are following you or your friends through the Twittersphere.

I have no idea if Twittersphere is a real thing, but it seemed to fit the bill.  think Blogosphere + Twitter -> a Micro Blog and get TwitterSphere.

This is a great example of a conceptual application for Web 2.0 technology.

Its also one that shows how mind mapping concepts, software and technologies could be adapted to fit into the social networking revolution.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that enables people to submit short text entries from a cell phone SMS message, email or computer.  The short messages provide casual little updates about where a person is, what they are doing, what they are thinking etc.

For example a series of Twitter Entries might look like this

Woke Up Tired

Sweating Profusely after long run

too much traffic

Productive Afternoon

Traffic Lights Suck!

Need to let off steam with the Guys

Hot at the poker tables!

Not so Hot, Going to bed early


Context for TwitterSphere

When I first saw this concept I was reading a short article at  They presented Twitter Blocks well, but they summarized and my first impression was that this could be a MindMapping tool for people.

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