Two ways to transcribe with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  1. Open, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and load your user profile. You can then hit the transcribing button in the ‘dragon bar.’ This will pop open a dialogue from which you can then select individual files to transcribe. In the individual file transcription you have the option of transcribing to the DragonPad, a WordPad like program that comes with dragon or selecting a destination program such as Word. There’s one distinct advantage that I can identify and using the manual transcription versus the batch, and that is you can playback sound recording at the same time you are looking at the document.
  2. Second, use the batch transcription job.
    1. To utilize this function, you need to have the ‘Auto Transcribe Folder Agent’ loaded into your toolbar or select it from: All Programs>Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 9 >Dragon Naturally Speaking Tools>Auto Transcribe Folder Agent.
    2. Setup Requirements: You will need to set up folders that will be the the source of transcription wave files and folders for the destination of those wave files. When the program is loaded in the task bar system tray, you copy a wave file to one of those folders and it will automatically start to transcribe, sending those files transcribed into the destination folders.
    3. The transcription process will not run when DNS9 is already open on the DragonBar with microphone on (close program or turn microphone off).
    4. Benefits of batch transcription – It transcribes multiple files that you’ve previously recorded, while you do something else.
    5. Negatives of batch transcription – It transcribes to a notepad file ‘.txt format or a text file that is. So far been my experience that you can not listen back to the wave file that corresponds with the text that was translated as an automated function but you can listen to it independently in any audio program that plays Wav.

Problems with Transcriptions

Accuracy of transcription is not as good as transcription of the live program. This is largely due to the recording devices. You can expect a degredation of at least 2-3% in accuracy for a good device and maybe more for an average to poor device. If you can use a device with a noise cancellation microphone it will help!

How to Play back the sound from a transcription?

  • While you are in a Word document that has a transcription,
  • highlight a selection of text and hit the play button on the DragonBar
  • you can then listen to the actual wave file that corresponds with the text that was generated from a transcription.
  • I have not found a way that you can do this after with the .txt files created from a batch transcription(see number 2 below).