Our Training regimen is being designed to teach you how to go from knowing nothing about blogging, to being a profitable blogger in 3 months.

Many many people that follow our regimen (free regimen by the way!) will be profitable in just over a month, and exceptional students can start making profits in a week.

There is a learning curve to this work, which will drive how fast you can make money.

We mention all this stuff about money at the outset, not because we want to encourage people to do this ‘just for the money’. Instead, we do that so people will not treat blogging as ‘just a hobby’. Hobbies are great and we have nothing against them, but that is not what we do here.

We are trying to teach people how to run a blogging business, a publishing business or in some cases even an entertainment business. Businesses are ‘for profit’ entities and we feel that it is essential to start out with that focus and mentality. When you receive fair compensation for your work, you will take your own work seriously and so will your customers and readers.

To get started, please follow the Menu system working your way down the beginning training menu and then moving into intermediate and advanced.

As of the date we write this message (8/2/08) we are working to reorganize the menus and make them easier and faster to navigate and hopefully simpler to understand. If you get lost or confused on a page, just ask a question!

We’ll respond with an answer and your questions may help us to improve the site for your future reference as well as for the benefit of other people following in your footsteps that may some day be your business partners, colleagues or customers!