The more work I do with audio and video these days the more tedious I find it to work with individual files, one at a time.

Often I need to convert video or audio files in batch processes or let them run in batch when I’m not on my machine.  TotalAudioConverter from Softplicity provides this capability.   TotalAudioConverter (TAC) can perform batch conversions on multiple audio file types.  Running Batch Audio conversions can definitely speed up production time and make the overall process much less tedious.

This batch conversion software works fairly easily.  Just select your file(s) and right click to launch the conversion.  It supports the following file types:

  1. WAV,
  2. MP3,
  3. OGG,
  4. WMA,
  5. APE,
  6. FLAC,
  7. MP4,
  8. AAC,
  9. MPC

If you have a file in one of those file types, you can convert it one file at a time or in a batch process.

Is The Price right?

You can download the software for free for use during the first 30 days.  That is pleanty of time to determine whether or not the software will work well for you.  If it does, you only have to pay about $20 to keep it permanently after that.

Twenty dollars for a audio file converter that supports batch processing with just a couple clicks is pretty cheap!  TotalAudioConverter is definitely worth a try if you work audio files regularly.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation Potential

I plan on testing it out soon with the Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation tools.  I’m curious how well DNS9 will work when I convert an MP3 file or some other file into a .wav file and run it through the transcription tool.

The price of this software utility is free for the first 30 days.  After that it only costs about $20.  Thirty days is pleanty of time to determine if you will use it or not.  If so, then $20 is not too much to pay for the time you can save by picking up TotalAudioConverter, especially for batch jobs.