I’m going to sign up an become a beta tester for topicscape, which is a software tool designed to help users manage knowledge in a 3 dimensional landscape. There appear to be some benefits to this methodology over mindmapping.

While a map helps a person get an overall perspective of the big picture, memory options start to fade as the map grows to large.

Topicscape, per the demo, appears to introduce an improvement on this concept as the images representing topics favor a landmark. The user then orientates their memory of knowledge and makes the association to the landmark.

As a knowledge management practice, this is actually a very old concept dating back to the dark ages when monks among other groups would memorize scriptures and other texts associating passages initially to buildings and landscapes and sometimes even constellations.

I foresee a couple potential weaknesses with this approach, however, the purpose of a beta test is to find out the good and the bad, so its possible that this group might benefit from some insights or additional perspective.

I’ll provide a follow up to this initial post later to identify how the testing is going.

For more information check out the link above and this example of topicscape in use for a project manager
Users’ Stories – project management profile of program usage

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Written by: Brett Bumeter, President