This was one of those weekends when James Bond movies are played in a marathon like loop.  During one of the commercials in between they started talking about the top James Bond Cars ever.

I was somewhat surprised to see that they were almost entirely focused on recent James Bond Movies as opposed to the older movies with Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  I kind of suspect there was a bit of commercial product placement going on.  In my opinion the cars of James Bond movies in recent years have been a little tame.

Sure they are beautiful cars and can probably run circles around the cars from 30-40 years ago, but there is just something a little less dramatic about them.

Personally my favorite cars are the Aston Martin DB5 from Thunderball with Sean Connery, and then there is that submersible car that Roger Moore drove into the Mediteranean.

Those seemed like spy cars to me with all the romantic notions of suspense and gadgets and out of this world technology.  The recent stuff like the BMW that Pierce Brosnan drove by remote cellular phone can be had by just about anyone these days.

The run flat feature didn’t even seem that cool.  I had a humvee and a 5 ton truck with the same feature when I was in the Army, big deal!Note the number plates on this James Bond amphibious Car

Truth be told I will probably not end up with a submersible amphibious sports car, nor a DB5 anytime soon, but maybe someday I’ll pick up a car with the same license plates at least.  That does seem to be one of those trends that just doesn’t let up.  Accessorizing your techno thriller spy car just wouldn’t be the same if you end up with a less than cool number plate on the vehicle.