From time to time, I include a ‘Tip of the Day’ from Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.  I usually do this as a bit of a reminder for people and to give people a little better feel as to what you can do with the program.

Today’s Tip of the Day however actually show’s an example of just how much better Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (emphasis version 10) is.  You can quickly edit your last phrases and words.  Maybe you said something wrong, maybe you said something that doesn’t look as good in print, maybe you even said something very Well, and you want to emphasize it in Caps and Bold.

Well with the new version of Dragon Naturally Speaking you no longer have to say “select…” followed by the most recent phrase, you just finish the phrase and say “bold that” or “correct that”.

It is the little intuitive items like that which make it possible not only to ‘dictate’ with Dragon Naturally Speaking, but to compose with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10!

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