MIT provides a unique open source resource. Access to course material online for anyone. You can find recommended reading, assignments, syllabi and much more on many many topics.

The site is setup to help educators, students and self learners around the world. The site is available at MITOPENCourseware.

Now these courses at first glance do not entirely appear to be tailored for the web. This isn’t an automated class, but more like the type of materials you might find if you were signed up to audit a course for no credit.

You would still need to buy the text books or check them out from your local University library. But after that you are free to go it alone. Sit home, drinking a bottle of water exercising and learning quantum physics sitting on a leather couch from Bush furniture.

I have taken a number of online courses and programs throughout the years and think I will look into this program and its value for a true outsider.