There is a new and promising Social Bookmarking concept on the net. Its called and they provide a social bookmarking version of personalized news. I think that is some sort of play on the concept of Proof Reading, but I’m not sure.

The concept is that you can read stories and not only show your interest, approval or lack of approval in those stories, but you can alter the description and the write up that go along with that story. Future or other readers will then vote up or down on whether your recommendation of changing the description, title or tags helps the story or not.

Once you submit the story your story gets a ThoofRank button like the one below that relates to an article I wrote titled “Funny Numbers Playing on iPhone Sales?

The submission process is easy and not half as intimidating as that of a Digg or Slash, but not so simple that its worthless either like Delicious or BlinkList either.

I do like the concept of the group/social edit function and if you watch the video demo at their site you will get an interesting look at how they bring information to you, socially.  I suspect there is a little bit of potential for group think, but in general it seems to take a couple steps past some of the issues that plague