It seems like just yesterday, I was writing about Virgin airlines not allowing Apple and Dell users to run their laptops on a plane due to the potential of a fire hazard. In fact it was just yesterday.

Later I thought to myself that all the other computer users, sitting on the plane must have had a self indulgent snicker about that I’m sure.

“Glad its not me with a faulty laptop that I can’t use on the plane.”

Well, maybe Dell and Apple won’t be alone for long. An IBM laptop caught fire or exploded in LAX sending people running away yelling ‘bomb’ and ‘terrorist’ and other such things.

The computer was a Thinkpad, and I’m writing this quivering with fear that I won’t be able to use my own Thinkpad on a trip to Ontario at the end of the month for the Podcast and Portable Media Convention.

So be careful with your battery, feel them. If they get too hot, turn that thing off and let it cool down a bit. Apple’s and Dell may be under recall, but a battery is a battery and they do get hot especially when they get older. We should probably all use a little extra safe judgement and common sense and maybe there will be one more recall battery added to the list soon.

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