image I came across a tip in Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 tonight.  It’s actually something that I had witnessed before, but was not 100% certain that it was intentional.

Basically when you say something in dragon, you will see a small yellow text box with the words you just said, appear on your screen before.  Then your words will show up in the actual program you are writing in.

The words in the yellow text box are there so that you can see visually that Dragon IS listening to you and doing something.  Just like a person that listens to you, it sometimes takes a few seconds for the words to sink in and really take their meaning

So Dragon listens to you and the comprehension takes place a bit behind the scenes after you have spoken the rest of your words.  If you say a sentence with 15 words in it, the word that Dragon thinks it hears at word 4 may be different in context after its heard the 13th worth.  So Dragon displays in yellow what it initially thinks you said, then later it modifies its own comprehension and writes the most likely word after it has picked up the full context of your words later.