About a year and a half ago, during the winter of 2007, I came across this great video demonstrating Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.  I had used Dragon Naturally Speaking 3 or 4 about 10 years earlier and my impression back in the 90’s was one that voice recognition and the hardware that ran it, wasn’t ready for the masses.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Official Demo Video

This is What Sold me on the Program and in reality it works this well if not better!

This video helped to show me that both the software and the hardware had come a long way.  It got me to get off the fence, and pay about $150 for a software program that would enable me to type at 150 words per minute.

I can no longer find this particular video on the actual Nuance website, but I did find a version on YouTube and uploaded it here. In my opinion it does a very good job of providing an example of just what the software is capable of doing for any user.

I’m even thinking about trying to recreate this video to show that its not ‘just an ad’ and that the capabilities in this demonstration are actually possible. I have a flat panel monitor that is not quite as large as the one shown in the video. I’m going to try and get a plasma tv mount for it and set something up in my wifi dock office to show this off.