Video originally published on Utterz, which is now defunct, I’ll see about republishing sometime on YouTube for posterity

I wanted to put a demonstration video that is almost a tutorial together to demonstrate how easy it is to put images on green screen. So I grabbed the Bessie (stuffed cow and logo/mascot for that I received from Utterz and I proceeded to try and capture the process that takes place in real life as well as the part that is edited and worked up on my computer.So one part of this video is filmed on my camcorder and the other part is filmed with a screen capture program called Camtasia.

So I am filming myself filming Bessie who is then overlaid onto some singer song writer (nice guy) from last year’s Podcast and New media Expo.

Again, this is more of a demonstration of the total process as opposed to a tutorial on How to do it step by step.

I wanted to provide the demonstration in a down in dirty kind of way, just to show the basics (that I have learned so far) and then I will probably expand into some more complicated work as I get better at this myself.

I might even try replicating some of the advanced green screen web design processes that can be used like this page on the MGM grand website.
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