Since I started working primarily from a home office, I’ve been able to eliminate a number of things from my life as I simplify.

First, I got rid of my car (I kept a small motorcycle for short local trips.)

With the car I got rid of a number of things that go with the car.

I sold my radar detectors at a garage sale. I gave my CD holder to my son, dumped the extra local maps, hands free gadgets, ice scrapers, tire pressure checker thing(digital of course) and a bunch of other things including my car insurance plan and twenty pounds in Dunkin Donuts, donuts and croissants!

All those things cost me about $500 – $600 per month or about $6,000 – $7,200 per year. If the rest of the US could emulate that type of experience, the economy would simplify or contract by about $1.8 billion per year. . . . . .