Over the next few months I will be transitioning the Maven Mapper’s Information blog from this terrific and free host on Bloggers Blogspot to the Sofdtuit Partners domain.

Softduit Partners is owned by Maven Mapper’s Chief Editor, Brett Bumeter.  Softduit will consolidate Maven Mapper’s along with a number of other online properties under the Softduit umbrella.

The new location will be at


Maven Mapper's Information thumbnail

This transition will not happen rapidly as Maven Mapper’s Information has a number of obligations and there is still much to be done to improve the future Maven home and template.

Here is a current thumbnail of the future design.  Sometime soon the background will be updated with multiple Mind Map views. 

We encourage you to check out the new site.  You will notice buttons at the top of the blog that you can click to change the background yourself!

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