Sure keeping spammy comments out of your website is important and on any given day Akismet might save you from a spam over load, but if you are not running the All in One SEO Pack with WordPress you might as well be hiding your website from the search engine (or at least hiding it from the top of the Search Engines!)

This amazing plugin performs a number of great functions to help push you to the top on any given page on your website.  It generates meta keywords, meta descriptions, it can block duplicate content from tags or categories and sooo much More!

If you are not running it, get it now and thank me later!  🙂

Download from WordPress Plugins – WordPress : All in One SEO Pack



If you also install Google XML Sitemap generator with WordPress your xml and xml.gz sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and MSN will be kept up to date automatically!  You set it up once, keep it upgraded and let it take care of business for you.

WordPRess: Google XML Sitemap Generator


Bonus Bonus Bonus Tip! Canonical URL Plugins

Depending on what you are looking for the All in One SEO Pack may not create the new canonical tags that the search engines are now promoting.  To fill that gap I have found 2 new plugins that were released to address the problem.

I have not run these yet (but intend to do so shortly).  If you want to give them a try, we can all be learning guinea pigs together.  🙂

  1. No Duplicate Content Plugin (author’s plugin home page)
  2. Canonical URL’s for WordPress Plugin