Google disclosed that it has reserved $187 million from the $1.6b purchase price of YouTube.  The funds are being set aside for potential obligations that may arise as a result of liabilities.

This War Chest will obviously attract the attention of copyright owners hoping to regain losses from the exploitation of their intellectual property.  However, just because the money has been reserved does not mean that this is going to be easy picking fruit for greedy lawyers.

The truth is that this is not only the bounty but the defense as well.  In any potential conflict Google will have to weigh the merits and cost benefits of using the fund to fight off lawsuits versus potentially paying settlements with the funds.  Any legal attack against Google is going to need either a big war chest of their own, or they will need a successful prior suit against Google to succeed.

As yet, no one is ponying up to engage in a shoot out yet.


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