The Korea Times : LG.Philips Develops 100-Inch LCD

Why did LG Philips develop a 100 inch LCD? This can’t be targeted to very many consumers. I know there is a plethora of 5,000 square foot plus homes being built all over the place, but is this really necessary.

I’m missing something important maybe, as all the LCD producers are trying to one up each other. Where does this end? Will we some day have a 50ft TV in every home. Parents of the future might warn their kids to back away from the TV, at least 50ft away so that they don’t develop eye strain.

I just don’t get it. Now if this were a 4′ tall 8′ long interactive Table PC to substitute for a white board or chalk board, it might make more sense. Put it up in a university lecture hall or something.

This gets press every time someone adds 3 more inches to the width of a TV, but after you’ve seen an 80″ TV is it that much more earth shattering to go see a demo for a 100″ TV. What type of warranty do these TV’s come with? Will your home insurance cover your loss on a $50,000 TV if your kid puts a baseball through it?
50ft tv