I’m testing out a new Sony voice recorder. The voice box is my first recording straight out of the box. The sound is in stereo recording mode.

This is a $99 recorder and I want to figure out if I can use it with Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred as opposed to the mobile version.

I purchased the Preferred version when I was first trying the software out and skipped the mobile version. I thought at the time that I didn’t want to spend the extra $50 when I didn’t know if the software would even work. Now, I know it works and want to find the best way to back my way into mobile transcription (without a laptop). I’ve done this before with my Treo 700 and 600 before that. But I wanted something that could also generate a good sound quality for podcast reasons.

I just did a fast test with this same voice file and I was able to have it transcribed, but I need to identify the best recording format to identify the highest transcription accuracy. (typically mono wav files as opposed to stereo)

I’ll have more information on that once I run some more tests!
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