A teenager whose mother and sister have been separately targeted by the RIAA in lawsuits is fighting back against their lawsuit against himself.  The boy is sixteen years old and accused of acts of music piracy when he was 11.  He is counter suing the record industry for collusion.

The RIAA had previously sued the boys mother, who refused to settle becoming somewhat famous in her own right until the suit against her was dropped in December.

Unfortunately for the family the sister of the brother and daughter of the mother did not file paperwork fast enough and is ordered to pay over $30k in a default judgement against her.

Little brother however is fighting back and fighting hard in a counter suit that could set precedents and have an impact around the world. His suit accuses the recording industry acting through the RIAA of violating antitrust laws, conspiring to defraud the courts and making extortionate threats.

The boy also claims that he never pirated music and that the record companies can not prove that he did pirate music.  He and his attorney also claim that the statute of limitations has passed and that all of the alleged music downloaded was actually owned by his sister on store bought CDs, which would insinuate that the recording industry sued one of its few paying customers and won a judgement against a paying customer for $30+k.  That’s sure to win them some customer loyalty!

The boys lawyer Robert Santangelo claims that the record companies have filed more than 18,000 piracy lawsuits in federal courts in a ‘conspiracy to defraud the courts of the United States.’  If he were to win against the record industry that victory might make for one of the most ironic class action lawsuit formations in history.

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