Last winter when I went to the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, I saw a technology that seemed impressive, but didn’t seem necessarily useful.


It was the Sling Box, and it basically lets you watch movies on your TiVo from anywhere in the world if you’re connected to the Internet. Back then I saw the technology I thought that it was executed very well and look pretty cool, but I couldn’t envision the practical use.

Sometimes you just have to let a technology sink in within your brain and give yourself time to envision a use for it. That’s kind of way it is for me with the Sling Box. More and more of my mobile computing is un-tethering myself or my office and for my home and I’m starting to see the uses of potentially having a connection to movies or news recordings on my TiVo.

In part this is probably due to the fact that I do a lot of work with news and media need to stay in touch with things. It definitely has something to do with the fact that I have a WiFi office on a fishing dock and also because I use an air card quite a bit these days as well.

Back in January I couldn’t envision watching TV for my computer very often. But now it seems like every time I turn around I think of a new use for such technology and it makes they consider or reconsider other technologies that I have rolled my eyes at in the past because I wasn’t quite wise enough to figure out a good use for it.

I haven’t purchased a Sling Box yet, so I’m not going to be putting it to the test probably before the summers out, but I have seen that the prices are coming down rapidly. If you take a look at the Sling Box on its featured in their weekly sale, you can see that the price is coming in under $200 now down from almost double that price not so long ago.

And consumer-electronics terms, that is a good sign that the product is popular with people and that they were buying enough of the product so that the overall cost of manufacturing can come down and the subsequent cost of sales of the product can come down as well.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see this product offered as part of a basic cable lineup package sometime next summer. Dish network already offers its as an accessory, but is not a standard item yet maybe someday and maybe then I’ll pick it up.

If I haven’t purchased at all ready. πŸ™‚


Sling Box Pro Facts
The Slingbox PRO uses SlingStream technology to adapt the compressed high definition video stream to your current network conditions, whether running on a computer or mobile phone. Have a HDTV setup at home? Enjoy it around the world with the Slingbox PRO and the HD Connect Cable.


Product Features of SB200-100 (SLINGBOX PRO)

Redirects the TV signal to the computer of your choice–providing high quality video, no matter the distance

SlingStream technology delivers up to a 400 percent video quality improvement over the original Slingbox

Connects to digital cable box, DVR, satellite receiver, DVD players, video/security camera, or any NTSC component HD, S-video, or composite video source

Includes free Slingbox Finder service to locate a Slingbox from any network location

Watch and control your home TV, DVR, basic cable, digital cable box, or satellite receiver anywhere around your home or around the globe

Product Features of HD200-100 (HD CONNECT CABLE)

Connects your HDTV source to the Slingbox PRO

Provides pass-through connectors, so you can easily add the cable into existing HD configurations

Provides component video and stereo audio connections

Compatible with Slingbox PRO

SlingStream technology adapts the compressed HD video stream to network conditions, whether running on a computer or mobile phone