Over the last year Maven Mapper’s Information has covered many different topics.  The focus has expanded and contracted on multiple occasions.  I have recently signed on to apply my pen and keyboard and mind to TechnoBabble owned by Raj Dash, known by many for several of his sites but also his excellent contributions to the Performancing Community.

As I write at TechnoBabble I will be refining my focus here at Maven Mapper’s Information as historically there has been a little over lap of topics.  Regardless, I will continue to deliver great articles here and spread out to focus on topics at TechnoBabble as well.

Here I will be adding to my reviews of many different products including electronics, software and web related.  At TechnoBabble I will often get more into the nuts and bolts of the industry at large.  On both sites I will work on the utilization of some great tools, processes, systems and services.  There will still be some over lap in this area but I will be segmenting out some of the industry trends and analysis here.

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