My work recoding the primary Softduit website has been slightly stalled for over a week.  The work initially stalled as I took on several important customer projects, was extended as I worked to finish up some personal projects for my wife’s new business, and then extended yet again as I wrapped up new customer projects this week.

Yet, I am hopeful that I will be able to reinitiate my work with the site and finish the new site before too much more time passes.  I have actually had several good weeks back-to-back so my spirits are high due to the progress I have made for others, but somewhat dampened in that I have not made progress for myself.

This might seem like a bit of a contradiction as the work I am doing is for the customers of my business.  However, the subtlety here lies in the fact that once I finish the site upgrade, I will be able to support more customers and support all of them more effectively.  So essentially, much of the work I am doing today is being done with more difficulty than would be needed had I finished my upgrade.

That sense of continued inefficiency is the aspect of this situation that troubles me a bit even when other things are going so well.  To put it into a bad analogy, it would be like a doctor prescribing Phentermine weight loss pills to a weight loss patient a week before providing liposuction surgery.