You can’t see it yet, but Vista will be before us very soon.  Microsoft starts their long anticipated release in three days.  It is likely to become a dominant operating system all around the world, but Microsoft does appear to be loosing some ground.

Plus, there are new claims from Microsoft competitors claiming that Vista breaks Anti Trust laws in Europe.  So it is likely that we can expect another long decade of Anti-Trust fights against Microsoft.  At the end of the day, Vista may be a bit of a knock off of Apple’s OS X, and Apple has Leopard launching this spring and summer.  However, there is one thing that Microsoft does very well.

They can get the rest of the world to upgrade and move forward.  It may not be the best or safest or many other things, but people do pick it up move forward with the herd and the herd improves.  Maybe more slowly than those cool Mac kids, but it is an improvement.

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