Finally!  T-Mobile is starting to spend some money and it can’t be soon enough.

T-Mobile is planning on spending about $2.7 billion dollars to upgrade their market in America to 3G next year as they attempt to catch-up to Cingular and Verizon.

DISCLAIMER:  I am (was when this article was written) a T-Mobile user and very happy with the service!

T-Mobile’s parent has created a number of film and music content deals in Europe, but they plan on using a different strategy in the US where they are working to partner with Google and MySpace to provide mobile content.

It appears that T-Mobile is attempting to learn from the mistakes of their German parent Deutsche Telekom.

A large fortune was spent in Europe by multiple carriers on spectrum and content and little can be shown for it.  T-Mobile recently purchased $4.2billion worth of spectrum from the US government, which will double its capacity and now the $2.7 billion infrastructure buildout on its network will provide the means to exploit that spectrum.

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