Podcast For SXSW Planning

Above is the Podcast for this article.  Still dabbling with sound edits trying to learn mixing a little better, plus tonight I am battling a head cold.

sxsw This evening (well its actually 2 am) I’m working on putting together my schedule and travel plans for SXSW in Austin Texas next month.  I have never been to SXSW nor to Austin, although I did live in San Angelo Texas for about a half year when I was going to intelligence analyst and cryptography school back in the early 90’s.  That seems like aeons ago, and it is amazing how much I have changed since then so I can only imagine how much Austin must be different today.  SXSW is a film, music and interactive media festival and conference.

No Stranger to Film and Music Festivals

These days I am more heavily involved in interactive media than I am in either music or film.  Never the less, I did live in Savannah, Georgia for several years and I am no stranger to film and music festivals having run a bar on River Street in that music festival happy town.   In fact, my wife’s alma mater, is the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and they will be an exhibitor at the show.  They are renowned in part for their animation and graphic design programs and they are growing into one of the largest art schools in the world (I think they are like 2nd or 3rd now with schools in Savannah, Atlanta and France.)

forest-gump-savannah Forest Gump (the bench scene) was filmed behind my apartment while I lived in Savannah, and my wife working for River Street Sweets helped make the actual box of chocolates.  Chocolate covered rice crispy treats so that Tom Hanks wouldn’t get to sick if he had to eat them in multiple takes.

If you haven’t read the real Forest Gump book by Winston Groom, you are missing out on one crazy and very funny book.  The movie is to the book what cool aid is to a pitcher of daiquiris.

Hunting Down an Entertainment Industry Evolution

I’m going for the People and the continuance of a Zeitgeist build that seems to be tracking through several forms of New Social Media that includes video, music, blogging, social media, networks, consumer electronics and coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show definitely includes virtual reality!

I was stunned and amazed at the progress that virtual reality technologies have made in the last 12 months.  Attending CES in 2008, was like stepping into a Neil Stephenson novel and finding a functional world on a cusp of overtaking the real world.

I am keyed up to talk to many old friends from recent blog and podcast expo shows, and I am very eager to see how these areas cross paths in a setting like Austin with an extended community of music and film people and industries adding to the mix.

Fun Factthe bench in that scene does not sit in that location in that particular square.  They moved it to get a better view of the monument in the back and for lighting purposes.

Biking It!

sxsw-iggy-pop I think I am going to try and rent a bike for the convention to get around Austin, as opposed to renting a car.  It sounds a lot more fun.  I walked most of CES in Las Vegas.  I’ve done cabs, and I’ve done limousines(more limos than cabs) and I’ve done rental cars.  You just don’t get the feel of a town when you are in a cab or limo or rental car.  Walking and biking it sounds a lot more practical and fun and hopefully might be better for meeting people as well. 

I’m not going to Austin to talk to the cab drivers. I’m going there to talk to the people at the show!  In a situation like this, I think you have to live by the tenet of

What would Iggy Pop do?

No I don’t mean slicing your self up on stage in a half naked state of delirium, but just generally being there, being cool, and creating something expressive that connects with people.  I’ll skip the broken glass and go for everything else.  Note to self, load up my MP3 player with some Iggy Pop music for the ride.

If the travel plans come together, I will hopefully arrive Friday night on the 8th to attend the sessions Saturday through Tuesday on the 12th, flying out Tuesday night.  So that will be 4 days and 4 nights in Austin.

Lugging the Studio Around

I took close to 30 pounds of gear to Las Vegas for CES.  Heading to Austin it will probably be just over that as I will not only take my camera but probably the mobile components of my podcast studio as well.

I usually hump most of that gear on my back.  One thing that I learned in the Army years ago is that humping stuff in a back pack doesn’t really make you stronger, just makes your muscles more knotted up and dense.  It builds stamina.  I’m not excited about that part of things, but hey its nothing that a good soak in a hot tub and some drinks can’t fix.

Will You Be There?

If you are in the Austin area or planning on attending the conference between the 9th and 12th (its a 10 day event) let me know, drop me a comment or email or something.  Love to connect up with any readers, friends, acquaintances or people pushing the envelope in different directions.