Microsoft Climbs up on the Video SoapboxThirty to fifty years ago people even teen agers would go down to the local pool hall or pinball joints to get their game on and often times they’d get their lungs filled with smoke.

Well these days gamers might get their lungs filled with smog if they mod up their gaming computer with the latest ion cooling system.

The general idea is that the system will cool a PC with out any moving parts and do it without sucking down a lot of power. Sounds great right! Its the same type of technology that runs the air purifiers from The Sharper Image.

The down side is that those same air purifiers reportedly make air quality worse. One Consumer Reports found that they do not actually clean the air and to make matters worse they end up creating ozone (aka smog) right in your house.

Well this PC does the same thing just at a PC level. I suspect this is one of those geeky applications to see if it is possible to create the thing. Now they need to find a practical application for the ‘thing’.

Who knows maybe PC manufacturer’s will take notice and start working on a cure for smog (ozone) so that they can find a cheaper way to cool PC’s. Now wouldn’t that be a cool gimic!

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