Softduit Media provides a wide variety of web solutions ranging from web development to social media planning.

We tend to plan and build it and get out of the way.  We do not provide site or social media management services.

We work with customers to help build and develop their businesses to perform better online and offline.  We work to build functional websites, shopping carts, and more using trusted platforms that get results.  Our solutions typically provide more business, more traffic, more customers, and more profitable margins as well.  We usually cost less too!

We are engaged at many levels of social media marketing, working with our customers to solve problems and working with the networks, websites and publishers that constitute Social Media itself!

We also work with individuals, writers, publishers and artists to develop their internet publishing skills, leverage their content and connect effectively and profitably with advertisers working to connect to the right niche advertising markets at the right time.

By working both with customers to improve their business and with the people engaged in social media to improve their content, their media and their businesses we can help both customers and service providers, both publishers and advertisers realize more effective and more profitable results.

We do believe in connecting profitable incentives driven by business results to drive better media content, satisfy readers and viewers, and bring more attention and buzz to everyone involved.