Back in August, I started using a program from nuance for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The program is supposed to capture information about my speaking habits and later on down the road,  I will upload those files to know wants where they will custom create a new profile for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

That was back at the end of August and it’s been a month and a half and I’m still running this program collecting data about my speaking habits.  The data collector seems to slow down my system a little bit and in general makes Dragon NaturallySpeaking a little bit less stable. 

I very much want to try the customize Dragon NaturallySpeaking lexicon, but I’m really getting tired of having an unstable program on my computer.  The thing is you have to wait for the program to say that you’re ready and that you’ve collected enough information.  It says that it’s supposed to be 10 hours worth of data, but that seems to be a misnomer.  I’ve been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking everyday for month and a half and I still haven’t hit 10 hours.  How is that possible?

There is no way to manually upload the file yourself, you had to be queued up to do it by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  If I were using some other tool or product, maybe an air gun or something like that from Ingersoll Rand air tools and they offered a way to customize my tool sets that I could paint a car faster or nail a house together quicker, I’d expect to see and understand a definite into the trial.  A date or something, and with a software program I really wish it had some way to show me just how close or how far away I was as I’m sacrificing efficiency to use their trial program.

So I guess I’m probably give this another couple of weeks and then I’m probably going to turn it off if I don’t hit that magical 10-hour number.  Regardless I’ll keep you posted in case anybody else wants to try this, consider me your Dragon NaturallySpeaking guinea pig.

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